Building a Digital Art Collection

Launched back in April, Curiator is an online platform for discovering, collecting and sharing art. Now three months in, the company has announced huge growth with double the amount of users and a digital catalog of 40,000+ artworks; all work on the site is uploaded and contributed by its international range of users.

Some new updates announced by Curiator’s founders Tobias Boonstoppel and Moenen Erbuer are a simplified sign-up process, along with a new intelligently programmed feed that streams work being collected by the people a user follows plus suggestions based on what the user may enjoy. The more art a user adds to their personal collection, the more Curiator is able to track patterns and make links. 


Curiator Co-Founders Tobias Boonstoppel and Moenen Erbuer. Photography by Adriana Pellegrini.

Digital exhibitions are now a main feature of the site, with three new ones currently available to browse. Check out a selection of Dan Graham’s pavilions, curated by Ian Alteveer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (previously featured on Artlog this past spring), a group exhibition exploring physicality, entitled Object/ive, curated by Kris Nuzzi, or a selection of work by textile artist Lorenzo Nanni, assembled by the Curiator staff.

Sign up for Curiator is free and available through the website or mobile app. 

-Kate Haveles

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