A Cookbook for Modern Art Confections

Have you ever wondered what it would it be like to bite a Richard Diebenkorn, sip a Jeff Koons, or taste a Richard Avedon? 

Blue Bottleexecutive pastry chef Caitlin Freeman has, and her answer is sweet and delicious. Working atop the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Freeman and her staff at the Blue Bottle Cafe found inspiration for their desserts in the multitudes of masterpieces living just below their feet. As part of an ongoing project, Freeman collected her Modern art inspired recipes, which range from delicate, Piet Mondrian-inspired chocolate ganache and sponge cakes to a brightly-hued Andy Warhol Gelée.

In a new book set to be released in mid-April entitled Modern Art Dessert, Freeman shares her culinary genius with a cookbook that truly embodies the idea of edible art. Filled with easy to follow step-by-step recipes, Freeman’s book transforms one’s kitchen into a gallery space.

Modern Art Desserts is available for sale through Amazon for $25.

-Kat Herriman

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